Semi-private lessons with expert language teachers

 Only €12

How does it work

Lingualist is the world's first network of private language teachers you can share in small groups of around four people, so you pay a fraction of the price and the teacher earns a respectful rate. The structured lessons are separated into five levels in quiet cafés with an accent on speaking, correcting and in-situ grammar.


Pick an area, a language and your speaking level for a list of teachers and their upcoming sessions. You can even watch the teacher's presentation video to help choose!


Book lessons individually with our secure payment system, powered by Stripe. Reservations may be refunded, or changed at any time right up to the lesson.


A confirmation is sent 24 hours before the lesson as long as there are at least 3 learners. If not, it's automatically postponed, or you can pick another slot or just get a refund instead.

The levels

The only thing worse than a group that's too slow is a group that's too fast



Split into Beginner and Absolute Beginner levels, a crash course primer and steady follow-through will build you up from the absolute basics through to a firm foundation of the language.


If you're not a beginner but can't yet speak at a natural pace either then this level is ideal for taking your time to forumulate your sentences.


For learners with a fairly natural speaking pace and a good grasp.


There's always room for improvement - specialist vocabulary, fixing bad habits that nobody mentions and fine-tuning pronunciation.

The teachers

Choose from our network of passionate, native-speaking, trained professionals

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The venues

The popup language school brings lessons to you.

All of our venues have been carefully selected to be quiet, comfortable and easily accessible.

Our promise

The student-centered learning manifesto

At Lingualist, we believe that using a language is as important as learning it and that communication is the best way of acquiring and retaining it.
Our completely flexible booking system lets you book, transfer or cancel lessons individually and easily so that you can progress at whatever pace suits you.
Our student-centered philosophy uses stimulating content and realistic scenarios to help you gain confidence and believe in yourself, learn vocabulary in context and develop your language instinct.
You’ll meet new people, discover new venues and work with amazing teachers.

Our Mission

We're on a mission to bring a new language to one million people by revolutionising access to the innovative teaching methods traditionally reserved for the most select schools. These methods bring language to life and are proven to accelerate and maintain the path to fluency in a natural and enjoyable way.

What we do

We've adapted the most effective proven teaching techniques to a small group format, making it accessible to everyone in convenient informal venues with experienced, trained teachers.

Who it's for

Whether you're an absolute beginner or already proficient, learning English, French, Japanese or any other language, Lingulist is an exciting new way of making real progress.

Why choose us

We think you'll love our format, our teachers, our method, our completely flexible booking system but above all, we want you to learn fast and be language confident.
If you don’t practise what you’ve learnt, you might as well never have learnt it.

Join us

Be a part of our mission to bring language to life

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